Cannabis doesn’t help Erectile Dysfunction, it causes ED

Cannabis doesn’t help Erectile Dysfunction, it causes ED

Cannabis is known to boost sexual performance. Some even recommend it for the treatment of ED. In fact, it increases the risk of developing ED

Cannabis has no chemicals that can help an erection:

Cannabis lovers argue that it boosts sexual performance and cure erectile dysfunction. Marijuana users report increased sexual arousal and libido. Marijuana does not have any physical element other than a psychoactive ingredient. That cannot improve Erectile dysfunction

To improve erectile dysfunction requires adequate blood flow to the penis. Erection has to be rigid and sustain in order to intercourse. Sildenafil type of chemical helps blood flow in the penis. Viagra and Cialis contain sildenafil.

The main chemical of Marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which has nothing to do with the increased blood flow in the penis.

Cannabis cannot cause or help an erection. It can barely make some physiological effects. A better mood alone cannot cause a sustained erection

Cannabis lovers claim that Cannabis has been found to ease the tightness of muscles and provide relief for some people. Some experiments have been conducted on animals. It is true that relaxes of the penis muscle help erection. But it is doubtful if Cannabis can do that.

Cannabis can cause ED:

Marijuana has some side effects that may cause erectile dysfunction, A scientific research reveals, that Marijuana increases the risk of ED. Inhaling of Cannabis causes users to feel “high” while it interferes with the normal function of the body. It also interferes with the normal function of the penis muscles.

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Marijuana has been legal in some countries. It could help some medical conditions but not impotency. It is not recommended by doctors for the treatment of ED.

Some people try Marijuana and Viagra together for better sex. They believe that Marijuana will elevate mood and that will help Viagra work well. But in fact, Marijuana reduces the effect of Viagra.

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