Sexual performance helps your self-esteem

Sex enhances your self-esteem. Sexual performance and self-esteem are tightly tied.

I ask you to imagine two different scenarios:

Scenario 1: Suppose you have made a very good deal for your company and your boss compliments you “ we need smart man like you in our company”

Scenario 2: You have made passionate love to a hot girl and she praises , “ you are an amazing lover. Stay with me”

Which one makes you more happy?

The majority of men prefer the second type of compliment (from the girl)

I don’t have doubt that good performance in bed boosts self-esteem more than anything else.

The performance in bed makes a huge difference for your self-confidence. If women praise you that you are a good lover, that will give you a nice boost on your self-esteem

Do you know which warning tobacco company hates most? Warning: Smoking causes impotence.

The Danish health department was experimenting with different kinds of mandatory warning on cigarette packets. Their survey found that warning about cancer, heart disease, etc were not so effective. But the warning about impotence made a profound effect on male smokers.

Male traditionally have given the sexual performance a top priority. To be good in bed does not earn money as a good career. But sex matters like good in bed, big penis size give men happiness and confidence.

If you bully a man as “son of a bitch” he probably can tolerate but he would not tolerate a bully “you are not a man”.

I had an adverse childhood. My childhood trauma has affected my adult life. I healed myself without medication. It was sex that helped my healing.

I had difficulty to make a relationship with women. Sex was in my brain all the time. But I did not any success of having sex. That was making me more depressed. The depression was affecting my potency.

I wanted to be good in bed because I believed that good sexual performance would certainly help to have a stable relationship.

I quit smoking, started doing things that could enhance potency. I also studied a lot about female body. Those helped.

When I found out that I can sexually satisfied some women, it not only boosted my confidence, I could concentrate better. I got enhanced mental strength.

I did not think that I would be able to quit smoking. I used to tell others that I would be able to do anything if I could quit smoking.

My sexual ability had already boosted my self-confidence. Sexual self-esteem together with my healthy living style made my mental healing much easier

Men’s identity and feelings of self-worth are tightly related to sex. Even a wealthy man feel inferiority complex if they are not good in bed.

Ancient emperors had hundreds of concubines in their palaces. They did not have to sexually please their concubines. But they searched for ways to enhance their sexual stamina.

People are more open about sex now-a-days but it is still a taboo. They do not often want to talk about sex related self-worth.