This is how you make a woman squirt

This is how you make a woman squirt

Men want to make women squirt. It needs a lot of patience. You have to be very good to use two fingers. Some good lube would be helpful. You also need some help from the woman . She needs to learn some orgasm control. Otherwise, it can be hard to make her squirt.

.All that being said, substitute your favorite pronouns, because anyone can make this happen.

First of all, you and your woman both got to be on the same page. It can happen sometimes when you are trying to make it happen.

It will take both of you doing the right things at the right time to get the magical climax..

She needs to pee to empty out that urine bladder. She should not mix up urinate and ejaculation.

After that, he needs to drink some water and relax.

After relaxing you both Engage in foreplay. You need huge foreplay. Use all foreplay technics you know and learn more if it is necessary

Once she becomes aroused and start doing fingering. Use lube for fingering

She has to lie down on her back with legs wide open. Insert a finger in her opening. It is better to use a finger of your dominant hand. Otherwise your finger can get tired

Use your two fingers towards her vaginal wall, like you’re trying to touch the back of her clit, and then a little bit back towards the palm.


Keep telling her how much you appreciate her, how sexy she is. Tell her how much you want to fuck her, how good you feel to insert your cock in her pussy.

The point is, she’s going to need constant reassurance that this is what you want and that it’s turning you on. So give it.

As she becomes more aroused, the G-spot starts changing. It will be larger and rigid. It feels like a walnut

Massage” her G-spot with firm pressure and taps. Play little around to see how she responses. Keep two fingers in fast motion

Don’t be gentle at all. You have to use some force. Once things get going, you may be moving her whole body with only the fingers you have in her pussy.

A woman’s vagina is designed both for sexual penetration and giving birth a child. The vagina can take more than what you think when she is aroused. Don’t be afraid to hurt her because she would not be.

She will most probably get orgasm in this process. If she is not used to have multiple orgasm, she may want to stop here.

She does not know that she can more

But she can.

She can more than she is aware of.

Dont stop. Keep working on here and encourage her

Use the lube to slide your fingers into her pussy.

She will start feeling some pressure. It will like to urge pee.

Keep it going. She will feel more pressure. She feel than cannot go any further. That is not true. She can. Keep your work without stop.

Do you finger motion faster and pressure going when you fell her F-spot start to swell.

You have to use extra stimulation like sucking her breast and wet kiss. You can also use vibrator to her clit.

When she vaginal contraction, that may push your fingers out. Insert fingers again and continue what you were doing.

Overhelm her with praise. Try to make her feel as if she is doing a great job.

Get prepared for some some amazingly intense orgasms. Amazing anal orgasms. They are nothing like “regular” orgasms and can and will rock her world. She can even cry. Do not get panic. This is expression of intense feeing.

After all these she is dehydrated. She has to drink some water.

Now it is your turn to have fun. You have to fuck her. Of course that is what you want. It may not succeed to give her a squirting orgasm, no problem. It normally takes several attempts. She will get used to this and her body will respond better next time. She will also realize how much she is capable of.

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