About Us

I am a business consultant based in Denmark. Here is the link to my company site.

I do my research on sex. I have contributed many sex-related articles in many well-known magazines.

I have been selected as a top writer in the topics of sexuality on Medium. I write regularly on Danish newspapers, also in Danish Quora. I am a popular writer on Quora. My answers have got over 6 million views. You can find me on Quora here.

I used to be an interpreter at the sexologist department of the largest Hospital in Denmark called Rigshospitalet. I gathered huge knowledge experience with the sexual problems of different people.

I was a member of a team at Rigshospitalet Denmark that conducted several kinds of research on sexual behaviors and problems. I interviewed people and gathered data.

I have used my knowledge for helping many people who have sex fears and wrong ideas about sex.

I am particularly interested in the Old Indian Sex Myths. I have several publications on Kama Sutra. I have an expert level of knowledge in genital size.

All articles, I write here are research-based and well-documented. I hope, my efforts will help my readers.

Obaidul Karim Khan, Founder & editor of the site