7 amazing things about orgasms you didn’t know

7 amazing things about orgasms you didn’t know

Everyone knows that orgasm is one of the most fascinating mechanisms in our body, and they think that they have all the necessary knowledge about the phenomenon. Scientists and doctors have revealed some amazing facts about orgasm which you probably didn’t know.

  1. Even fetuses chase orgasm

Dr. Isreal  Meizner of Tel Aviv University has documented in ‘Sonographic Observation of In Utero Fetal’ Masturbation ‘, that boy fetuses can’ grab the penis in a way similar to masturbation movements’.

However, the first scientifically proven orgasm recorded in a three-year-old girl.

Professor Alfred Kinsey, who then observed the girl and described her behavior ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Female’. It happened back in 1953.

2. People can have an orgasm without touching the genitals

It is possible for some people to have an orgasm without touching one’s genitals. They can have an orgasm by being touched eyebrows, ears or by mouth to mouth kissing

3. Even dead people can get orgasm:

Scientists have conducted some laboratory tests on dead men by stimulating the so-called sacral nerve with small electric shocks. This procedure can give orgasm to a man who is clinically dead. These kinds of experiments are no longer allowed because of ethical concerns.

4. Orgasm can give women a temporary breathing problem:

Orgasm can give women breathing problems that may last one hour. When a woman comes oral contact with semen, they get extremely excited. The smell of semen may have extreme arousing effects on women.

5. Orgasm probably cures hiccups

In 1999, an Israeli man had been suffering from hiccups for some days. He followed many medical advice without any effect. But when he had sex, hiccups disappeared.

The man told the story to his doctor. The doctor later found similar results with other men.

A report of his observation was published by Canadian journal Canadian Family Physician. The report suggested that orgasm through masturbation could also cure hiccups.

6. Female orgasm helps women to be pregnant:

Female orgasm does not only improve the couple’s sex life, but it also increases the chances of pregnancy. Women’s orgasm helps ‘suck up’ the man’s semen, giving it faster and easier access to the eggs.

However, the theory has been rebuffed by the sex scientists

7. Men can shoot semen up to three meters away:

Professor Alfred Kinsey has investigated how far men can shoot their semen while having an orgasm. It is not necessary to shoot that far. A few men shoot sperm several meters far on masturbating

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