Heterosexual women turn on women but straight men don’t on men in the same way

Heterosexual women turn on  women but straight men don’t on men in the same way
A straight woman turns on lesbian sex

A heterosexual woman also turns on her own gender without knowing her body reaction. But a straight man doesn’t turn on watching gay sex.

Several studies reveal that heterosexual women also get sexually aroused if they see or hear women having sex with women. On the other hand, lesbian women are consistent. They only turn on women.

The conventional wisdom is that a heterosexual woman turns on a man, a bisexual woman gets excited by both genders, and a lesbian woman gets aroused by a woman. This is true for bisexual and lesbian women but not for heterosexual women. She also gets aroused for a woman, finds a Canadian study.

All women regardless of they are for men or women react to sexual stimuli. They react to both male and female sexual stimuli.

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Researchers conducted a study on women according to their sexual orientation. They separated women in completely heterosexual, bisexual and lesbians in separate groups

During the study, all women were shown sexual encounters between men and women, men and men and women and women. Researchers measured the blood flow to the vagina by a special device. Women were also asked how they get aroused by watching different kinds of sex.

The result of the study was that bisexual women felt aroused more for women than men while lesbians didn’t get aroused at all for men. Heterosexuality got aroused by both genders but mainly by men

Although heterosexual women feel excited by hearing or watching women having sex with women, that does not necessarily mean that they want to have sex with women.

Sexologists acknowledge that the fact about heterosexual women feel excited to women but it does not mean that they are lesbians. They feel excited watching two women having sex but it does not mean that they want to join lesbian sex.

A woman gets excited more with closeness, intimacy and touches rather than watching sex regardless that is between men and women or women and women. Women’s sexuality changes over time. Their sexual orientation can also change.

Women are not apparently aware of the reaction of their bodies. They don’t know that they get aroused by women. They refuse that but the laboratory test reveals that they do get excited.

On the contrary,   similar study finds that heterosexual men don’t feel excited about men even though they watch gay sex

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