If you are good in bed, you would be good at career

If you are good in bed, you would be good at career

Your ability to please women sexually boosts your confidence which is necessary for success in life. Sex enhances your self-esteem. Sexual performance and self-esteem are tightly tied. Self-esteem is necessary for a successful career.

A number of Work performance-related surveys show, that employees who have outstanding performance in jobs are happy in relationships.

Men want to have compliments from women about their sexual performance more than anything. The good performance in bed certainly boosts self-esteem

To be good in bed and not good in bed make a huge difference for your self-confidence. If women praise you that you are a good lover, that will give you a significant boost on your self-esteem

Male always have given sexual performance a top priority. To be good in bed gives such confidence that helps a career, too. It gives good mood and motivation.

Men’s identity and feelings of self-worth are tightly related to sex. Even a wealthy man feel inferiority complex if they are not good in bed.

You need confidence and Karishma to have success in your career. When you are satisfied with your sex life, you have a good mood ability to work more.

Good sex activates all brain cells together that is not possible in any other acts. Sex makes a man smarter.

You need soft skills more than your education and intelligence to succeed in a career. Soft skills mean your communication and negotiation skills. When you satisfy your partner sexually, that positively affects your other soft skills.

People who are not happy in sexual relationships are boring persons. They have neither motivation or ability to exchange jokes with others. They are not likable persons.

Likeability is the most important element for success in a career. You have to be both smart and funny. People who have lousy sex life cannot be likable.

A good sex life enhances human qualities that are necessary for success in a career.


Obaidul Karim Khan

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