Six habits keep your sex form on the top

Six habits keep your sex form on the top
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You can keep your sex life exciting as long as you live by following six simple rules that include diet, workout, and a certain mindset. Doing these things are easy and interesting. These things will not just only keep you sexy but also healthy.

1. Strength training:

All studies show that exercise increases the sex drive and boost sexual performances. However, strength training is the best for sex. Exercise increases blood flow in your body including sex organs. The benefits of increased blood flow last.

The strength training is suggested because it increases the level of testosterone. When you do exercise, your body makes adrenaline, endorphins, and testosterone. For any exercise boosts these hormones. The strength training boosts testosterone more than other exercises. Testosterone is vital for sexual arousal.

2. Kegel exercises. 

 Kegel exercise for men improves bladder control and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. You can do kegel exercise anytime anywhere.

You need to tighten your muscles in the same way you stop urine in midstream. Contract your muscle and hold it for some seconds. You can repeat for more than 10 times. You can do it while watching TV or working at the office-anywhere. This simple exercise would boost your sex stamina a lot.

3. Eat these foods:

Your diet is directly linked to your sex drive and stamina.

Nuts: Walnut improves your sperm quality a lot. About 50 to 100 gm walnut per day will improve the dynamic of the sperm.

Almonds improve blood circulation in vessels and helps better erection.

a. Berries:

Seeds of raspberries and strawberries contain organic zinc that improves testosterone level and boosts drive both for men and women


Eating eggs regularly helps erection. Eggs contain amino acids that can improve erectile dysfunction.

Beefsteak: It also contains zinc that boosts libidos.

4. Spice up your sex life: try variations

If you use the same foreplay and sex position, your sex life will be boring.

Use different sex positions every time you make love.

Trying different sexual positions help lovemaking more interesting and overcome some difficulties.

Partners have to choose sex positions depending on body shape, weight, and physical strengths. The penis size and your health have to match sex positions.

If your partner is overweight and you are not physically strong, you must not try any sex position that requires lifting the woman. If your penis small and your partner have obesity, the common missionary sex position is not the best choice.

If you have back pain, the doggy style is the best.

You always have to do variations of positions.

5. Updated Sexual Knowledge:

You must have good knowledge about sex and follow the latest updates. There always new research on sex. Until recently we did not know much about vaginal orgasm. We did not know much about G-spot. As much you about sexual organs, you can make your sex life more pleasant.

You can’t depend on old textbooks. You have to be updated with new information. You will know best technics to stimulate your partners.

6. Take sex things easy

Your body will not always co-operate with you. Some times you may experience getting an erection, sometimes you experience pre-mature ejaculation. Women have also their problems. Sometimes they don’t get stimulated.

Take things easy when you have problems. Stress will not help. Don’t press yourself, don’t try hard to make things better. It is normal to have problems sometimes.

Eat healthy and workout as suggested. You will be doing fine.

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