3 kegel exercise mistakes men should avoid and how to fix those instantly.

Kegel exercises are one of the most important exercises a man can do for his sexual health. But there are many kegel exercises mistake which many men often do keeping them away from all the benefit

Kegel exercises give you so many benefits like-
1) Making your erections stronger, 2)Making your male orgasm more intense if combined with edging,
3) Helps you to learn orgasm without ejaculating thus multiple orgasms and many more benefits

But if you do them the wrong way then you will never experience these benefits of kegel exercises

So here are 3 kegel exercises mistake men should avoid :

1) Squeezing the butt and wrong muscle

This is the main kegel exercises mistake many men make.
Many men squeeze their butt when told to do a kegel squeeze. Some men also try to squeeze the penis urethra . But that’s not muscle.

Doing this kegel exercise mistake make many men experience premature ejaculation afte doing kegels.

Kegels are supposed to help you to overcome PE but doing it the wrong way can make you experience PE instead

2) Holding your breath

Another kegel exercises mistake is holding your breath is creates pressure on PC muscle making it more difficult to perform them

Also when you will practice to orgasm without ejaculation you need to breathe deeply even during the squeeze. Holding the breathe will lower your chances of strong orgasm

By breathing you are actually able to move your sexual energy throughout the body.

Many people do not know about this. Tantric and Taoist sex practices has detailed explanation of male whole Body and whole brain orgasms which explains the importance of breathing

3) Over training

And the last kegel exercises mistake actually creates an issue. Overtraining or not giving enough rest to the PC muscle is bad for it.
The perfect amount of reps per day is 45-50 reps. You can even split 15 reps 3 times a day

Giving rest to the PC muscle is important

How to do kegel exercises perfectly?

I have already written an detailed post on this but to give you an idea here is the summary

  • Get naked for first time to find the PC muscle.
  • Put your 2 fingers on your perineum. It is the soft area between your balls and anus.
    *Gently put those fingers there and squeeze the muscle as if you are stopping yourself from peeing. That’s the PC muscle.
  • Next time you don’t need to get naked or put your fingers everytime. You can do even while normally sitting or lying

So these were the 3 kegel exercises mistake men should avoid and how to fix them instantly.

Mohit Sable

Studies about male and female sexuality. Sex advisor for men on quora.