5 less known male erogenous zones

We talk a lot about turning on women. But men’s erogenous zones are equally important Men have some uncommon erogenous spots which are barely known. Touching those turn men sexually on instantly.

A male body is full of erogenous zones spread in every area of the body and is equally erogenous as a female body

Most men have been ignoring their bodies and even porn does not focus on the male body. That’s the reason many people don’t actually know how erogenous a male body actually is.

Here I will describe 5 places to turn him on. We are not going in deep about erogenous zones. I will be covering it later.

Here are the 5 places to touch to turn a guy

1) Eyelids

This is not so common but a pleasant spot of the male body. Gently kissing on top of the eyes and eyelids seriously turn a guy on. It feels so good when there are lips over the eyes. You can use this spot to make a man so turned on

2) Earlobes

They are extremely sensitive. They are packed with nerve endings creating pleasure.

Gently kissing the earlobes is a huge turn on. Move up to the ear while kissing the earlobe. You can also use your fingers to massage on the area to make him relax. This is my favorite spot personally. This seriously turns him on

3) Back of his head

Take your all fingers and simply slide them from the back of his head between his hairs. Go slow and slide the fingers so gently. This is so sensitive place and seriously creates tingles

You can do this while kissing his earlobes to make your man feel even more

4) Nipples

Male nipples have the same nerve endings as female nipples and almost have the same sensitivity.
Many men found that the nipples were sensitive to gentle kissing.

Moving a finger slowly over the nipple creates so much pleasure. Using your tongue and gently licking them is a huge turn on for men.
Some men are not completely ready for this but you can convince the partner.

5) The Neck

The neck is a great erogenous zone to make him aroused. It is packed with numerous nerve endings causing so much pleasure
Simply licking and kissing the neck is amazing.

You can mix all these 5 places to stimulate at once and will be amazing for him

Those all things to turn on a man wild in bed

Mohit Sable

Studies about male and female sexuality. Sex advisor for men on quora.