5 things you must do if your erection goes down

5 things you must do if your erection goes down

Some men get very much stimulated during foreplay but the erection goes down before penetration. They get a hard erection but get soft before sex session. This phenomenon is not very unusual.

It is an embarrassing situation. It is very uncomfortable for her to get excited but not to have an orgasm. If you did not start in the first, it would not be a problem.

The reason for erection falls in most cases is erectile dysfunction. It happens because of the following reasons:

  • The mental burden of good sexual performance
  • Thinking only about satisfying your partner
  • Fear and doubts about things may go wrong

If you fail to keep erections several times, then it may be a chronic problem. You will create problems that you did not have. Most of the problems are not medical

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You can solve erection problems by doing these:

1.Don’t take sex is like an exam that you have to get high marks. For every man, sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes men get premature ejaculating, sometimes erections fail. Don’t worry. It is not the end of the world. Your woman would not punish for that. If you don’t try to show high sexual performance, you could be relaxed and less nervous. The risk of losing erection will be a risk.

2. If you lose erection anyway and your woman is still excited, perform oral sex or fingering on her to give her climax. Don’t let her be unhappy.

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3. If you cannot keep erection until you penetrate, then don’t try it over and over. It will make things worse.  For some days, perform oral sex and masturbate on each other. There are many masturbating products that enhance pleasure. When you satisfy her for some days in this way, you will grow confidence that will help to keep an erection.

4. If you always doubt if your penis will be hard enough to penetrate and you can hold ejaculation long enough to satisfy her, that will undermine your sexual performance. Don’t think very much about her satisfaction. Think first about your own satisfaction. Don’t bother yourself if she will be pleased by sex. If you think less, your performance will be better

5.If you cannot keep erection until you penetrate, then you ask her to play with your penis and place her in her vagina. If your penis is in her hands, it will not be soft.

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