6 very important benefits of orgasms, you probably didn’t know

6 very important benefits of orgasms, you probably didn’t know

Each time something new about orgasms. Researchers reveal all the time new benefits of having frequent sex. You already know many good things about orgasm. I mention here some lesser-known but huge benefits of sex.

  1. Orgasm helps you sleep better.

When you go under quilt after making love, you sleep much better and deeper. According to the National Sleep Foundation, your body is relaxed after sex but also the estrogen levels in your blood increase and that enhances the quality of REM-sleep. REM is the most important sleep stage where all the cells in your body recover and are restored

2. Orgasm has pain-relieving effects:

During orgasm, the brain releases endorphins that have a pain-relieving, morphine-like effect on your body. Scientists find that orgasms are a more effective remedy for migraines and joint pain than paracetamol

Researchers of the Beverly Whipple of Rutgers University have found in a study, that women’s pain tolerance threshold was increased by as much as 74.6% when masturbating to orgasm.

3. Orgasms prevent man flu:

A research study at a German university reveals that an increased number of leukocytes or “killer cells” are produced during sex affairs. These cells boost the immune system and resist bacterial infection.

Another study shows that frequent orgasms regardless of sex and masturbation reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

4. Orgasms strengthen pelvic floor muscles:

Orgasms cause contractions in your abdomen. That gives you exercise like effects. When you exercise, your muscles become strong. In the same way, pelvic muscles become stronger during the climax.

Studies have shown that women who have strong pelvic muscles enjoy sex more. They have a greater sex drive and get orgasm easier.

5. Sex gets better with age:

Many people have a misunderstanding that sex starts getting fade with age. In fact, the fact is quite the opposite. If people always get frequent sex, the quality of sex becomes only better.

A study published in The American Journal of Medicine shows that both women and men enjoy sex more in matured age. Older women, who are active in sex, get more satisfaction in sex despite they have low libido.

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6. Orgasms help you looking younger:

People do take huge efforts to look younger. Some people use Botox and some even go through cosmetic surgeries. You don’t need to go through all those if you make love regularly

Dr. David Weeks, a researcher at Royal Edinburgh Hospital reveals, that couples who have frequent sex look 5-7 years younger than couples who do not have sex often.

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The reason is, men and women produce an increased amount of growth hormones during sex. These hormones are responsible production of new cells that make skin look elastic and look younger.

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