Mismatched libidos and money problems are mains reasons for relationship break-ups and these are solutions

Mismatched libidos and money problems are mains reasons for relationship  break-ups and these are solutions

You don’t need to solve all the problems we encounter in the relationship often. Any relationship is resistant to minor problems. But mismatched sex drives and financial problems cause real problems in the relationship.

Problems are manageable. I give solution models:

1. Money Problem:

Money is the root cause of relationship break-ups. More than two-thirds of Americans in relationships say that finances problems cause more tension in a relationship than their sex life does, according to CNBC.

Another survey conducted by Slater & Gordon over British finds that money worries are the main reason why married couple separates. Money problems mean:

Having problems paying bills
Affecting your ability as a parent
Reduced comfort and entertainment
Worries about the future

When you’re so troubled by financial problems, you can’t think about love, romance, and sex. The financial problems disrupt a relationship most.


You must involve your partner in your economic plans and decisions.
Many couples have little knowledge about other’s finances.

You have to know how much your partner earns, how many financial assets and liabilities your partner has.

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You have to open up with each other completely. Show your partner credit card and bank statements, loan balances, and tax statements. Ask your partner do the same.

When you live in a relationship, the individual budget does not make any sense. Make combined accounts and family budget together.

If both partners are involved in all economic plans, one could not blame another if things go wrong. In this case, the downturn of finances will have less effect on the relationship.

2. Problem: Mismatched libidos:

Partners in a relationship can have a different level of sex drive. Continuing a functional relationship without good and stable sex life is difficult.
The common problem is, partners in the relationship have a very different level of sexual interests and libido. If a partner wants to engage in sexual activity very regularly, but the other partner has less sex drive, then it could be a frustrating situation.


To end a relationship because of sexual reasons is unsympathetic.
The foundation of a relationship is based on love, compassion, and devotion. Sex is undoubtedly an essential part of the relation.

The sexual mismatch means different levels of sex drive between the partners. It does not mean the complete absence of sex.

The one who is more sexual in a relationship must compromise. We do comprise many other things with unknown people. Why can’t we compromise and sacrifice for persons we love.

My wife had less sex drive after our children are born. We don’t have many opportunities to make love when children are around. I adjusted my sexual desires taking consideration for the family.

I try to divert my sexual desires to something else. I use my sexual energy to write something creative.

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Physical intimacy without sex would not help much. These intimacies only prompt the more sexual partner sexually aroused. That will give backlash.

You can do many nonsexual entertaining acts. You two can be more engaged in outdoor activities like jogging, swimming and walking on the beach. If you have children, then go out for a picnic, go to a park, watch a film in a cinema hall.

Don’t think like Freud that all our acts are driven by sex. You can be inspired by love and affection.
You can listen to music, you can work out, you can also work out.

3. Problem: Physical attraction Fading:

Many men are attracted to other women than their wives. Even their wives are beautiful, they feel driven to other women.

Some women may think in the same way as men do. They also can lose their attraction to their husbands.

This is a deciding moment of a relationship and an excruciating one.
Before marriage, a man adores his wife and vice versa.
After marriage, they don’t find one another attractive. Gradually, partners don’t want to have intimate times.
Lack of attraction often leads to adultery.


You can’t solve the issue by analyzing the problems. Most of the time there is no reason why you have lost the desire for your partner. It is a mainly mental matter.

Sometimes women became fat after giving birth. Men become obsessed with eating unhealthy food.

Today, you are disliking your wife because she has become fat. What if, tomorrow you can become chronically sick.

You cant be greedy and selfish in a relationship.

A relationship is not only about appearance and sex. Love, emotion, dedication, sincerity and commitments matter.

One partner can lose a job, can be sick, even can lose beauty. You have to uphold your humanity, human values.

When you lose attraction your partner, then be a better human. Remember about your commitment to a partner. Show your integrity, your honesty, and your human side.

All positive thoughts will help you to be attached to your partner.

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