Infidelity is a male ego

Infidelity is a male ego

A man’s pride and ego attribute to the size of his penis and the number of women he has sex with. Both egos have similarities.

Men’s egos are different from those of women. Men feel proud to have a big penis and in the same way, they feel proud to have sex with many women. Men love to gossip about their infidelities. Sometimes, they exaggerate the number of women, they have sex with.

The size of the penis and infidelity are male ego:

The penis size has little to do with power and masculinity, but it always has been a symbol of manhood. The functionality of a penis is undermined by the size of a penis.

Many men consider the penis is the most important part of the body, even more, important than the heart or the lung. A man with a small penis feels inferiority complex, they avoid sex talk. On the other hand, a man with a big penis is a proud person with confidence.

A man loves to hear that his penis is big. Many men behave as if the penis size solves all male problems.

The ego related to infidelity is similar to that of the ego of penis size. One of the biological imperatives of men is to have sex with many women. This is the main topic of a locker room talk. Men proudly describe how many women they have had sex with, in which places, which positions.

Power and Infidelity:

Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan wanted to conquer as many countries as possible, not because they needed to but because of demonstration of power. The same type of motivation is behind infidelity.

Ancient emperors and powerful men had thousands of concubines in their palaces. Even in the present time, some Sultans keep concubines in their mansions. Wealthy men still keep mistresses

Matured men try to fix their crisis:

Many men suffer from midlife crises when they become older. They start looking girls half of his age with sexual intention.

Surveys find, that the rate of infidelity is highest among the men aged between 50 and 65 years. Middle-aged men are more active in infidelity because they have a mental crisis and try to bypass their crisis by having sex with relative younger women.

People are generally economically and professionally established in this age.

They are not attractive but can use their power and money to have sex.

Men look for excitements:

Many men become bored in marriage and relationships in the same way they become bored with many old things.

Even their wives are beautiful and intelligent, they find all other women attractive except their wives.

With regard to women, most men have little morals and ethics. They are vulnerable to temptations, never miss a sexual opportunity.

They find sex affairs as the status of manhood. For men. having sex with an attractive woman is a significant achievement.

They love to talk to their friends about their sexual achievements

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