How safe is herbal viagra?

How safe is herbal viagra?

Natural potency-enhancing products are often called “herbal Viagra” – suggesting that they contain a safer or more natural form of Viagra. Many of those products contain the active ingredient in real Viagra, according to the American  Food and Drug Administration.

Not all natural medicines are safe.  Some ingredients in these supplements can result in life-threatening risks. The basketball player collapsed after taking illegal potency drugs.

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Many potency enhancer supplements are extremely dangerous. The Danish medicine agency has listed illegal potency-enhancing products which all contain active substances which don’t have any product declaration.  Those products can be potentially dangerous for health. The Danish board of health has banned those drugs and made the public aware of the danger. Here you can find the full list of dangerous potency enhance supplements.

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The Danish medical agency has not blacklisted Horny goat weed.

The plant Horny goat weed has the same effect as Viagra. The Chinese have known the effect of the plant for thousands of years. The plant contains the substance icariin which works the same way as Viagra. Icariin blocks the blood coming out from an erected penis.

Modern medical science recognizes the positive effects of natural potency enhancing supplements. Among those supplements, Horny goat weed and Korean  Korean red ginseng are widely used.

Are those natural medicines safe to use? If you keep the dose within the reasonable limit, those are safe.

It is not harmful to use either Horny goat weed or Korean red ginseng. The general problem about natural medicines that those are not researched properly.  

Another problem with natural medicine, that it may affect other medicines. Potency enhancers work but it may affect heart medicines. Therefore, you must know what substances the potency enhancer contains.

You must start using natural potency enhancing supplement from a lower dose. Some doctor suggests taking pure icariin tablet. But the Horny goat weed does not only contain icariin, but it also has other substances that are good for general health.


To buy a potency enhancing supplement from an unauthorized dealer is not recommended. You must know if substances of the drug are declared and those are safe. You should buy those from authentic sellers like Amazon or eBay.

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