Does Salman Khan have sexual dysfunction?

The lifestyle of Salman Khan keeps him look good but that is not good for sexual health. Excessive physical training may cause sexual dysfunction. It is likely that he suffers from sexual problems. This problem may prevent him from marriage

The lifestyle of Bollywood bhaijan Salman Khan is not helpful for sexual health. The actor works out 3 hours a day all weekdays. Doctors don’t recommend this much of excursive for men over 50s.

Excessive exercise shrinks the penis size and reduces sex drive. Salman Khan works out more than his body allows and he uses muscle enhancer protein. That is a dangerous cocktail for sexual health.   

Salman Khan has a great body. His performances in movies make people believe that Salman Khan is a very strong man. That means he is also very good in bed.

Everybody thinks that Salman is having sex with all gorgeous women. Many people think that Salman is screwing so many girls that he does not need to marry.

We hear that he is obsessed with sex. His brother Arbaaz Khan says I Café with Karan that Salman cannot sleep without sex. We hear sex stories of Salman but we have never any evidence that he actually is sexually active. No girl has become pregnant with him. No girl gossiped that Salman was good in bed. It raises serious doubt if Salman is having sex.

When men work out, muscles require excessive Oxygen. Blood flows to the body parts that are working. No blood flows to the penis because does not work during exercise. That is why the penis shrinks during exercise.

Salman Khan is over 50 and he works out too much. It is likely, his penis is reduced in size for an excessive workout.

We know from reliable sources that Salman Khan uses a high dosage of steroid. In fact, it would not be possible to keep in form without consumption of steroid. The steroid reduces the testosterone level that cause undermines libido and shrinks testicles. Medical research reveals steroid induces ” erectile dysfunction, premature, retrograde or absent ejaculation, anorgasmia, and painful sex “

Researchers of the University of North Carolina reveal that frequent and high-intensity exercise is linked to a lower libido. Men who work out multiple hours every day are likely to lose sex drive.

Salman Khan is not that healthy how he looks like I movies. He has high blood pressure. When he was in Jodhpur jail, he was supplied medicines for high blood pressure. High blood pressure is bad for potency.

He takes drugs for muscle enhancers which are bad for sex.

Salman Khan loves kids. He adores his nephew. It does not make any sense that he does not marry. The reason can very well be his sexual dysfunction.